Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amanda Day

Kids live in a lovely world of their own, straight from Enid Blyton's world with pixies and fairies, toys that can talk, elves and toads and magical garden.
This weeks  Laura shares  "A few weeks ago, Chewie spontaneously declared that he was going to give the Earth a new name - and for some reason, unknown to me, he decided that a good name for the Earth was Amanda.  Y'know, i don't even know if he's ever MET anyone named Amanda... but there you have it."
This reminded me of how when Roshni(now 14)  was 4...5...years old everything was why this, why that, why do we call the cat "cat" and not something else, who decides that the alphabets should start from ABC and not MYK so on and so forth...
Its such a lovely thing to see kids dreamy and confident, imaginative and bold and questioning everything around us...were we ever this I am off to speak to my you remember your Amanda? 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


First Monday of the week and its UMT time at "Iamthediva"!!
This week tangle is called HUGGY BEAR created by JJ LaBarbera, and what a fun versatile tangle it is...
I tried keeping it simple as one tangle chrysalises into another...Hope you like it!!